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EverscaleValidatorStaking Pool

Trusted by the Everscale Community

Custler (Sergey Tyurin) is one of the most trusted members of the Everscale Community. Before the DePool contract was available, Custler ran the first community validation pool, with over $3,000,000 in assets, secured solely on honor.

Community Contribution

By staking with Custler Pool, your 5% validator fee supports Custler's ongoing contributions to the Everscale ecosystem. Custler created and maintains the custler.uninode, the network and their GitHub repositories - invaluable resources for validator testing and automation.

Technical Expertise = Security and Reliability

Custler has over 20 years of DevOps experience. When staking with Custer Pool, you can be assured of maximum uptime and rewards, and no mistakes or slashing penalties that could put your EVER at risk.

Standard and "Hodl" DePools

Custler Pool operates validators with the standard, formally verified v3 DePool contract and now has a validator with the new "Boosted Staking" program that that pays up to +13% (additional) per year.

20+ years of DevOps and programming experience

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Learn More About Everscale Staking

Every state change (e.g. message, transaction, etc.) on the Everscale blockchain must be verified and agreed upon by over 2/3 of the network’s validators. Everscale uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol where validators stake a large amount of EVER and can be fined, or “slashed,” if they do not validate correctly. For this reason, it is important to choose experienced validators that are unlikely to make mistakes that could lead to slashing.

EverX developed a unique Decentralized Pool, or DePool, smart contract that allows anyone to add their EVER to a validator’s stake while maintaining full custody of their funds.

Two Different

DePoolsto Choose From

Stake and withdraw your EVER at anytime with the standard v3 DePool contract, or hodl and earn up to 20% more per year.

Standard DePool

Formally-verified v3 smart contract
~6% / Year
  • Stake and withdraw anytime
  • Formally-verified smart contract
  • Maintain full custody of your funds
  • 100,000 TON validator assurance
  • Minimum stake = 10 EVER

Hodl DePool

Earn additional APR with the Boosted Staking program
+13% / Year*
  • *Rate depends on lockup period
  • 6-month minimum lockup (+7%)
  • 48-month maximum lockup (+13%)
  • Rates increase in 6-month steps
  • Must stake between Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

What Are You Waiting for?

Stake in the standard DePool v3


Now available as part of the "Boosted Staking" program

Stake in the Hodl Depool

Make sure to input this address 0:454abb3c7db044603a9fb0802d3c6507b08d6b04855baa9a60802d9ecd34edad

While the DePool contract was still under development, Custler started the first validator staking pool. I was surprised when dozens of community members trusted an "internet friend" with the custody of their EVER (millions of dollars worth). Not only has Sergey proven to be trustworthy, he's the most experienced DevOps I know, and a significant contributor to the Everscale ecosystem.



Validator and Everscale Community Contributor