The app (from TON Labs) is the easiest way to securely stake your TON Crystals. Click the button below for simple step-by-step instructions.



Command Line Inteface (CLI) is a good choice for people who are comfortable with using a terminal. Even if you have never used a terminal before, we make it easy, with simple, step-by-step instructions.


Chrome Browser Extension

This method will send your passphrase to a 3rd party server, so we do not currently recommended this method for any significant amounts. Once a secure DeBot-based browser extension is available, we can confidently recommended this option.


Staking in DePoolsis Very Safe


When you stake in a formally-verified DePool smart contract, your funds are just as safe as being in your own wallet

Maintain Full Custody

When you send your TON Crystals to a DePool contract, you maintain full control of your cryptographic keys - nobody can touch your funds but you.

Formally-Verified Contract

The TON Labs' DePool smart contract has been formally-verified, so the chance of it being hacked are effectively zero.

Withdraw Anytime

You can withdraw your funds at any time and they will be returned after the end of the 18-Hr validation cycle