How to add your stake to Custler Pool:

1) Go to (web) or install the app (mobile): If you are using a web browser, go to If you are using mobile, you can get the TON Surf: Blockchain Communicator App from the App Store or Google Play

2) Login to with the account that you want to send the stake from.

2) Click inside the search area labeled “Browse DeBots” and select “DePool.”

4) Follow the instructions (example below). 

Note: if you are using a desktop browser, the easiest way to enter the DePool address is to cut and paste the Custler DePool address (below):


If you are using a mobile device or have a webcam, you can also use the QR Code (Below):

How to withdraw your stake: 

1) If you follow the same steps above, you will now have an option to withdraw some or all of your stake. See example below:

How to check on your stake and rewards (optional):

The easiest way to check on your total stake and rewards balances is to find your address in the DePool participant list. If you click on your address you can see details like your balance, rewards and pending withdrawals. You can also see these details in the TON Surf app after you enter the DePool address and your account address in the DePool DeBot